Two masks for each school pupil and funding for Municipalities

Two masks for each school pupil and funding for Municipalities

ATHENS. Deputy Education Minister Sophia Zaharaki announced that pupils and teachers will be given two masks each - ΄Philodimos II΄ programme will provide funding of €6m to Municipalities for cloth masks - €67k to Corfu and Paxos Municipalities.

Aυγούστου / 2020

The sum of 6,195,000 Euros has been allocated to the Central Union of Greek Municipalities (KEDE) from the 'Philodimos II' programme by decision of the Service Secretary at the Ministry of the Interior for the acquisition of masks for school pupils and teaching staff.

The decision states that Municipalities or KEDE on their behalf can acquire masks and other items of PPE for pupils and teachers with funding from the Article 71 Special Programme or the Philodimos II Programme.

Funding for Corfu Municipalities and Paxos

The funding for the Corfu Municipalities and Paxos is as follows:

Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands: €48,000 (10,867 pupils & staff)
North Corfu: €10,000 (2,088 pupils & staff)
South Corfu: €7,000 (1,409 pupils & staff)
Paxos: €2,000 (399 pupils & staff)

Section II of the decision describes the specifications for the masks:
Good quality close-woven cotton greater than 180 TC. At least two layers of cotton cloth. Alternatively at least two layers of linen may be used. The two layers must be different colours so that the way of fitting can be distinct.

It is recommended that for nursery and primary pupils the outer layer be multi-coloured or with a special design with characters, heroes etc.

Sizes - For ages 4 - 10, 12cm x 20cm approx. For ages over 10, 15cm x 25cm approx.

There must be 3 pleats in the middle to allow the masks to expand as required when being worn. There must be a thin strip at the top to hold the mask stable over the nose. There should be soft, resistant bands to attach the mask to the ears and the part of the mask to which these bandsd are attached must be strong.

Sophia Zaharaki: "Two masks for each school pupil and teacher"

On the 'Ora Ellados' programme on Open TV the Deputy Minister for Education Sophia Zaharaki responded to all the burning questions of the day regarding the opening of schools and said that two cloth masks will be given to each pupil and teacher and not three or four as had been stated previously.

Ms. Zaharaki also said that there will be antiseptic in each classroom and that the Ministry will implement the measures recommended by the scientific experts.

The Deputy Minister stressed that it was important for pupils to return to school and efforts are being made to ensure normal school conditions. At the moment the date for schools to reopen is 7 September.

As regards parents who don't want their children to wear masks in the classroom, Ms. Zaharaki made it clear that the rules will apply to everyne.

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