Spyridoula Kokkali responds to Spyros Varelis΄ comments about North Corfu Green Spots

Spyridoula Kokkali responds to Spyros Varelis΄ comments about North Corfu Green Spots

CORFU. North Corfu Deputy Mayor Spyridoula Kokkali has issued a statement in response to the comments on TV regarding the Municipality΄s recycling activities by minority opposition leader Spyros Varelis.

Aυγούστου / 2020

"I am truly sorry that Mr. Varelis doesn't understand that North Corfu Municipality and by extension the residents, volunteers, community presidents and groups are all extremely aware of the benefits of recycling and in an organised way are working to reduce the volume of waste and increase the percentage that is recycled.

He says that the Green Spots and all the recycling activities are "just for show".

So were the congratulations he gave to the president of Lafki and the villagers at the opening of their Green Spot 'just for show'?

For a local representative who knows the inactivity that existed in previous years to use this phrase is even more of an insult and discredits all those involved in recycling. Our island has been plagued by the problem of waste for decades. We decided with responsibility, a strong will and decisiveness to find a solution and help the Municipality move forward.

As part of a healthy democracy we would have expected the opposition parties to make proposals for improvement, which are always welcome.

However, because the citizens and Municipal Cleansing Service are working hard in the matter of recycling we won't tire ourselves by repeating the actions that are being taken to drastically reduce the amount of waste. It is a collective project and everybody is contributing, guided and supported by the local authority. Community presidents, local councils, cultural and sports societies, associations, schools, groups and other volunteers.

As an indication of what is being done:

1. Setting up recycling centres - 26 have been set up in the majority of the Municipality's communities (38 communities). We are moving forward with free Green Spots such as those that already operate in Rachtades, Aggros, Agios Athanasios, Lafki and Acharavi.

2. A small Green Spot in Sinies.

3. Regular collection of large amounts of recyclable materials from businesses.

4. Regular collection and sorting of large objects.

5. Distribution of information leaflets to the public.
Already 10,500 2-page colour leaflets printed on wood-free paper (recycled paper where no wood has been used) have been distributed to the public via the Municipality's community presidents. These contain simple and easy guidelines for the proper management of recyclable and mixed waste.

6. Promotion of recycling activities in North Corfu with an interview in Ecotech magazine (Issue no. 160, April-May 2020).

In conclusion, it needs to be made clear that North Corfu Municipality's main concern is for recycling to operate efficiently in the way most beneficial for the environment and the public. WE ARE TRYING TO MAKE UP LOST GROUND.

We welcome all proposals and suggestions to improve recycling for the benefit of the environment and the public.

In any case, we are obliged by European and national legislation to drastically increase the percentage of recycled waste and prioritise recycling at source - recycling glass, paper, aluminium and plastic."

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle