Central Corfu Municipality: Special care for stray animals

Central Corfu Municipality: Special care for stray animals

CORFU. New feeding spots being provided.

Μαρτίου / 2020

The Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipality is providing extra food and care for stray animals with the responsible department creating extra feeding spots for them.

In Corfu Town, especially, and the suburbs stray animals are in danger of going without food due to the special measures for coronavirus. The Municipality is responding to this need as up to now many of the animals were cared for by business owners whose businesses are now closed.

Deputy Mayor for Culture and Primary Sector Chrysoulla Tombrou has been playing its part in the care of stray animals and is continuing to ensure that feeding spots are kept supplied with food.

Feeding spots

This is a list of feeding spots including the new ones that have been set up over the last few days:

- Anemomylos, next to the children's playground
- Next to the entrance to the Old Fortress (Karvouniari)
- Upper Square, behind the public toilets
- Ionian Parliament, Rizospaston Voulefton St., next to Bernardi travel agency
- Mantouki, the park opposite the port entrance
- San Rocco Square
- Koulines
- Temploni

In collaboration with animal welfare groups and organisations the Municipality will place metal containers with bags for dog poop for the use of those taking their pets for a walk. These have been donated by the Corfu animal welfare organisation The Ark - there will be two in the Anemomylos - Garitsa area and two in the main square.

Deputy Mayor Chrysoulla Tombrou said, "It is our duty to provide food and water so that living creatures do not die. Life is something unique and sacred for every creature on the planet. So we are providing food and water for stray animals in line with government guidelines, bearing mind that everyday life is, unfortunately, not the same as it was until recently. We are responding to this issue in a responsible and conscientious way and providing what is needed. It is, in any case, our duty. At this time noone should be left out - especially not helpless creatures."