Low turnout ΄scuppers΄ Venice referendum

Low turnout ΄scuppers΄ Venice referendum

VENICE. Only a small number of Venetians turned out to vote in the referendum on administrative autonomy on Sunday December 1.

Δεκεμβρίου / 2019

Sunday's referendum was on administrative autonomy for the historical centre and islands from Mestre on the mainland.

Despite the recent flooding and the impact of overtourism which led to protests from activists, it was abstention - as encouraged by the Mayor of the united Municipality Luigi Brugnaro - that won the day.

This is not the first time that Venice has tried to gain administrative autonomy. There have been four referenda since 1970 but they didn't win any of them.  Sunday's referendum was the fifth in the last four decades. Supporters of autonomy were hoping that this time increased anger about the impact of climate change and mass tourism would be the decisive factor.

In fact, Sunday's referendum had the lowest ever turnout. 50% was required for the result to be valid but there was only 21.73% - out of a total of 206,553 on ly 44,887 voted.

For the record, of those that did vote 66% voted Yes.

With information from veneziatoday.it