Dutch speleologist and caver René van Vliet explores unknown Corfu cave

Dutch speleologist and caver René van Vliet explores unknown Corfu cave

Speleologist René van Vliet explores the Platesgourna Cave

CORFU. He talks about the unique experience and his discoveries.

Απριλίου / 2019

Last week the Dutch speleologist and caver René van Vliet started exploring the island's caves. He described his recent unique experience to Enimerosi: "I recently visited one of the most amazing caves in Corfu with Nikos Gisdakis. The Platesgourna Cave is located in the village of Spartylas and because it is hidden in an olive grove it cannot be found without help.

A group of stalagmites in Platesgourna Cave

It has two small entrances but only one of them is accessible. After passing through the small entrance one discovers the stunning beauty of the main cavern. There are a lot of stalactites in Platesgourna Cave along with various groups of stalagmites and columns. Some of the stalagmites are extremely tall! The cave is exceptionally vulnerable due to its unique undivided space.

An extremely tall stalagmite in the cave

Corfu cave crickets (Dolichopodasteriotisi) live in the cave, not bats."

Information about the caves in Corfu has been published in the Speleo Corfu website.

Pieces of old pots

René van Vliet would like to thank all those who helped him. "I was able to visit the cave due to the important and kind help of Nikos Gisdakis, Angeliki Sgourou, Yianna Michala,Michelle Anthis CanyonZone, Rodcle and Aventure Verticale".