Fancy dress festival on wheels sets off for Corfu!

Fancy dress festival on wheels sets off for Corfu!

Fifty ΄fancy dress΄ cars set off from the UK yesterday in a convoy heading for Corfu.

Σεπτεμβρίου / 2018

They are all taking part in the Dumball Rally to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

All of the cars are old bangers which the participating teams have bought for £500 or less and imaginatively done up - Picachu, Star Wars, The Adams Family, Pirate and more.

It is hoped that all the bangers will make it to their destination - which this year is Corfu.

The convoy set off from Margate on 14 September for their 2,200-mile journey. The cars went through the Eurotunnel and on to Calais. They will cross the Alps and continue via Venice to Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosova and Albania before arriving in Corfu by ferry on Friday 21 September.

This charity rally first started in 2006 and since then has travelled to such destinations as Athens, Istanbul, Helsinki, Sicily, Odessa, the Sahara Desert.... Up to now over £850,000 has been collected for the Teenage Cancer Trust and they are hoping very soon to reach £1m!