Municipality still has not received money from agreement with Ikos

Municipality still has not received money from agreement with Ikos

Photo: Enimerosi

CORFU. The last signatures from the Decentralised Administration are awaited so that the payment can be made.

Μαρτίου / 2023

The money has not yet been paid to the Central Corfu Municipality for the concession of 70 stremma of the former Club Med land in Dassia.
The Municipality has received none of the 2 million to date (the final amount may be a little more), with the delay being attributed to the bureaucratic procedures in the Decentralised Administration.
The Municipal Authority has repeatedly said that it is closely monitoring the issue together with the Municipality's Legal Service. In fact, as the Mayor has occasionally stated in Municipal Council meetings, the procedure has been approved by the Decentralised Administration, but the last signatures remain to be put in order for the Municipality to finally receive the money.
"Land compensation in money had been investigated by valuers. The Decentralised Administration requested an expert opinion from valuers who estimate the value of the property. The expert opinion was validated by the responsible director of the Decentralised Administration and a last procedure is left for the Municipality to receive the money. It is over €2 million. We will see the exact amount, because it will be put into the Municipality's account. We are also waiting for it to see how to use it beneficially for the area and to implement projects. Of course, it went through a lot of bureaucratic procedures", Mrs. Ydraiou had stated at the Municipal Council meeting on 30 January.
However, although she had said that the procedure was expected to be completed soon, based on the information she had received from the coordinator of the Decentralised Administration, nothing has been done yet.
As the Deputy Mayor for Finance Giorgos Pantelios told Enimerosi, the money has still not been paid due to bureaucratic procedures. The issue was also raised at the Municipal Council meeting on 26 September 2022 by the then leader of the 'Ekkinisi' party Marios Mayioladitis.
The Mayor's response then was similar, noting that the Municipal Authority could do nothing to speed up the process.

However, according to the contact person of Ikos in Corfu, even though the company was ready to pay the money from the first moment, a decision from the Decentralised Administration is required first.