Regional Authority to seal off Lower Square car park - Municipality fined

Regional Authority to seal off Lower Square car park - Municipality fined

CORFU. It will be reopened once the required work has been completed.

Μαρτίου / 2023

The Ionian Islands Regional Transport and Communications Department has sealed off the car park in Lower Square before it has even begun to operate. The Municipality had planned to start operating properly in the coming days.

However, when the Transport Service inspected the car park last June it found several things incomplete, including the land use certificate, copies of all the public planning permissions, copies of approved ground plans, topographical survey etc.

On the day of the inspection (16/6/22) it was also found that the bar didn't work, the fire extinguishers were kept in the container and that there were 233 cars and 18 motorcycles there when the area should have been empty.

Since that time the bar has been fixed and the fire extinguishers properly installed.

The decision

The inspection findings and the decision were signed at the end of October and just today it got the final signature from the Deputy Regional Governor for Corfu.

The Transport Department decision:

1. Operation of the open-air car park in Lower Square will be suspended due to violation of the terms and conditions of use (exceeding capacity and fire extinguishers uninstalled) and the facility sealed off. The area will be sealed off 30 calendar days after the publication of this decision.

2. An administrative fine of €3,360 will be imposed on Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipality for giving incorrect / inexact data and the omission of required documentation.

According to the decison, Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands Municipality has the following obligations:

1. To remove any vehicles and objects from the area within a maximum of ten days.
2. To be present when the facility is being sealed off to co-sign the document that it has been sealed off.
3. Within a maximum of five days after the area has been sealed off to place a sign at the entrance stating "Closed due to being sealed off by the Ionian Islands Regional Transport and Communications Department".

Even for a few days

"Several of these problems have been resolved, such as the bar and the installation of fire extinguishers," Deputy Regional Governor Kostas Zorbas told Enimerosi. "However, because these omissions were found during the inspection in June we are obliged to go ahead and seal the area off even for just a few days."

"At a meeting I had with the Mayor, Deputy Mayor for Technical Works and others two weeks ago they assured me that all the necessary paperwork has been collected," he added. "There will shortly be another inspection and if all the conditions have been met, the area will be unsealed."