Tremendous public response to call for blood

Tremendous public response to call for blood

CORFU. A large number of students as well as people of all ages went to the former psychiatric clinic to donate blood for those injured in the Tempi train crash.

Μαρτίου / 2023

Students, administrative staff, teacjing staff and many others formed long queues in response to the university administration's call for blood donations at the former psychiatric clinic in collaboration with Corfu Hospital.

In response to the unspeakable tragedy in Tempi, people of all ages came to donate blood for the dozens of injured people who have filled the hospitals.

Haematologist Dr. Tzilianos supervised the procedure and said that the public response and fellow feeling was tremendous. He said that a significant amount of blood was sent by the hospital yesterday and more will be sent today as the donations continue.

Both the Hospital Director Manto Egglezopoulou and the University Dean Andreas Floros were there today.