Kaliviotis investment to now be discussed at Regional Council

Kaliviotis investment to now be discussed at Regional Council

Photo: Enimerosi / Proposal for the upgrading of the Alykes harbour

CORFU. The Municipal Council approved the South Corfu investment - The next steps of the planning.

Φεβρουαρίου / 2023

With the support of three of the four parties of the South Corfu Municipal Council and under six specific conditions, the go-ahead was given for the investment in Kaliviotis that provides for the creation of a mega yacht marina with tourist infrastructure on an artificial island.

The Municipal Council approved the investment in South Corfu, even though for such a large project it was a prerequisite for society to agree with it.
During the Council's meeting on Monday afternoon, in the presence of residents of the area, the managing director of the contracting company L. Marine S.A. Giorgos Liatsos gave a detailed briefing on the project, asking for a positive decision to be taken by the Municipal Council, so that the company can proceed with the procedures.

 The project
As he said, the marina will be horseshoe-shaped and will be located at a distance of about 280 meters from the coastline, on a new land area that will be shaped by filling in part of the sea area. A bridge will provide access to the marina, which will have 105 berths with a maximum length of 80 metres. It is also planned to create shops and services, parking areas, outdoor entertainment and event areas, temporary exhibition areas and accommodation buildings.

This is a €273-million investment and the project will be funded by borrowing from banks at no cost to the public sector, while it meets all the requirements to be included in the Recovery Fund. The marina will be owned by the Municipality and its construction will be completed within 3-3.5 years.
Additional projects
Reference was also made to the supporting projects to be funded by the contracting company, which are the following:
1. Reconstruction and upgrading of the Petriti, Alykes and Kaliviotis harbours (owned by the Corfu Port Authority) in order to be used by fishermen and the local community.
2. Redevelopment of the 5.50 km long coastline with a pedestrian precinct, a cycle path with canopies to provide shade and sports areas and greenery to be used by all citizens.
3. Creation of a new water supply network along the entire length of the coastline and connection to the main Ministry of Infrastructure project in Neohoraki, South Corfu, to serve all coastal properties and the project. The main project at Neohoraki will be carried out by the Ministry of Infrastructure.
4. Construction of a new sewage network along the entire length of the coastline and connection to DEYAK's central biological system to serve all coastal properties and the project.
5. Reconstruction of existing roads to access the area (funding has not been secured yet and will depend on how big the interventions will be).
6. Natural restoration of the coastline that has been eroded over the last 50 years, using modern technologies.
7. Support to existing taverns along the coastline to upgrade the architecture of the buildings by providing free architectural studies and building permits and by funding part of the cost for the improvement of the taverns' quality.

Residents and councillors expressed their concern during the discussion regarding the good execution of the project and its viability. Thus. Mr. Liatsos assured that the project will be completed and that it is guaranteed by the banks that will fund it.
South Corfu Mayor’s conditions
The South Corfu Mayor Kostas Lessis set the terms and conditions for this investment, to which all parties agreed except LASY, which asked for a referendum, but it was rejected by the Municipal Council President Kavvadias.
The 6 conditions set, to which the company seems to have agreed, are the following:
1. Compliance with the project's environmental conditions.
2. Benefits for South Corfu Municipality.
3. Town planning study for Kaliviotis, so that the citizens can utilise their property and the company can fund it.
4. Reconstruction and upgrading of Petriti, Alykes and Kaliviotis harbours (owned by TAIPED), the management of which will be transferred to the Municipality with a regulatory act that will protect the existing fishing and tourist activity.
5. Funding of water supply, sewerage and road works.
6. The economic footprint of existing uses, their preservation and upgrading.
The parties of Kostas Lessis, Nikos Goussis and Yiannis Pandis voted for the Mayor's proposal.
Next steps
The Ionian Islands Regional Council will be the next one to give its opinion on the project taking into account the Municipal Council's decision. Afterwards and if the public consultation is completed, the implementation of the project will begin, which provides for the final studies of the main project, the licensing of the additional projects, as well as the adoption of a Presidential Decree for the redevelopment of the coastline and the adoption of a new spatial planning for Kaliviotis.
It is worth noting that in the 3.5km Kaliviotis coastline no plot has access to a public road and, since 1 January, owners cannot issue building permits to be able to build in the future. The South Corfu Municipal Council will be regularly informed of all steps.