Regional Authority seminar "Sustainable Tourism Development in the Ionian Islands"

Regional Authority seminar

CORFU. Today΄s seminar is the first step in the Regional Sustainable Tourism Strategy in the ΄Ionian Islands.

Φεβρουαρίου / 2023

The seminar 'Sustainable Tourism Development in the Ionian Islands' organised by the Ionian Islands Regional Administration and the Special Service for the Administration of the 'Ionian Islands' Programme began this morning at Corfu Port Authority.

The seminar is the first step in the Regional Sustainable Tourism Strategy in the ΄Ionian Islands and the necessary promotion of sustainable tourism involving economic, environmental, cultural and social sustainability and support for tourism which creates sustainable employment and promotes local culture, products and services.

Today's event is the first stage of discussion and consultation in order to create a general framework for the development of sustainable tourism with participation and proposals from the Tourism Ministry, the academic sector, regional and local authority organisations as well as tourism bodies and professionals.

Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa said that we are at a key point in time for the development of our tourism with the potential that was seen in the restart of tourism in the Ionian Islands after the long pandemic.

She pointed out that the Region is the first in the country to begin this procedure in line with EU guidelines - the approved Ionian Islands 2021-2027 Business Programme includes the requirement for significant actions to promote sustainability and implement a Regional Sustainable Tourism Strategy.


Thos present included Corfu SYRIZA MP Alekos Avlonitis; Central Corfu Mayor Meropi Ydraiou; Deputy Regional Governors Zorbas, Stasinopoulos and Orfanoudakis; Corfu Hoteliers Association President Babis Voulgaris; Federation of Corfu Tourist Accommodation Owners President Pericles Katsaros; Ionian Islands Regional Tourist Service Supervisor Tsoumanis; Regional Councillors Spyrou and Skourtis; Mayoral candidate Stefanos Poulimenosand members of the Administration Authority.

The President of the National Tourist Organisation Angela Gerekou and Tourism Ministry officials participated online.