Further delay in opening of Liston car park with new payment system

Further delay in opening of Liston car park with new payment system

Photo: Enimerosi / Maria Bazdriyianni

CORFU. Initially it will cost €3 as it did previously.

Ιανουαρίου / 2023

Once the new automated parking system is operational in the Lower Square at Liston the fee will be €3 - until then it remains free.

Although the new markings required for its licence were painted a long time ago along with automated bars at all entrances and exits and automated pay-points, it is still not known when the new system will come into operation.

Photos: Enimerosi / Maria Bazdriyianni

"We don't know when the new system will come into operation at the car park," Deputy Mayor for Finance Giorgos Pantelios told Enimerosi. "Fire safety equipment needs to be installed and then we have to have a trial run to test how vehicles enter, the cameras work and payment is made with cash or card. Employees have had one training session and there will be one more."

He said that the €3 charge for 24 hours will remain. The operation of time-based charges will be looked into later.

Drivers will be able to pay either by card or cash and Giorgos Pantelios said that tickets can be reissued if they are lost and the car park will also operate at night.

198 spaces

Following the placing of new markings required by law there will be 198 parking spaces available compared to 270 previously.

Photo: Enimerosi / Maria Bazdriyianni

"The new markings have been laid out according the legal requirements for a licence to be granted," the Deputy Mayor said. "What has happened basically is that the central section of parking spaces has been removed. Proper signage has been installed, there are special needs spaces and there is a waiting lane outside the entrance."

Permanent residents

Regarding the burning issue of parking for permanent residents, Mr. Pantelios said that there are no spaces set aside for them at the moment. Leaving room for hope, he added that the matter needs to be looked at seriously and a decision taken.