Spyros Neratzis: Is the green space in Pagrateika to be used as car park?

Spyros Neratzis: Is the green space in Pagrateika to be used as car park?

CORFU. "Milling residue is being laid on the site whereas it is not allowed to use this material unprocessed - it should go to a recycling unit for processing."

Ιανουαρίου / 2023

It is not clear why the Central Corfu Municipality is working on the site belonging to it next to the airport.

The matter was initially brought up by Giorgos Kaloudis, leader of the Prota I Kerkyra party when he asked the local authority why this site was being worked on, with the unspoken implication that there has been an agreement with Fraport.

The Deputy Mayor for Technical Works Nikos Kalogeros responded immediately quite angrily saying, "For goodness sake! Accusations are being made against us because we are cleaning up municipal land!"

Milling residue has been laid on the land and the leader of the Kerkyra Psilla party Spyros Neratzis has issued a statement regarding this fact with a series of questions.

He says that this indicates that the area is being prepared as a car park using milling residue, which, by law, it is not allowed to use unprocessed - it should go to a recycling unit for processing.

Questions from Spyros Neratzis:

Following the matter of the work being done on the municipal land in Pagrateika being brought up by Giorgos Kaloudis, the report by Dora Asprea from Start TV, the statement from Deputy Mayor Nikos Kalogeros and our visit to the site we have the following observations and questions:

1. Has what has been called a "joke" become "assistance"?
2. Is the acceptance of free services and materials for the municipality the responsibility of Mr. Kalogeros or the collective bodies?
3. Is the municipality accepting materials which have not been processed as required by law?
4. Is a green space going to be used as a car park?
5. Have approval and permission been given for the work?

More specifically

- When members of the public provide voluntary services and equipment, take part in organised activity along with local authority bodies and other organisations in order to contribute to work which is the responsibility of the municipality but which the municipality doesn't take care of, then the local authority calls it a "joke".

When, however, members of the public who happen to be public work contractors offer voluntary services (whose good intentions we don't doubt at all), then it isn't a "joke" but rather "assistance" in the work of the local authority!

- Legislation provides that, in order to protect against 'cowboys', all offers of materials, services or money to a public body should be accepted and approved by collective bodies and not by a Deputy Mayor. By following the proper legal procedure the integrity of those involved is assured and nobody can think or allege that there is some kind of 'complicity'. Why did Deputy Mayor Nikos Kalogeros not follow the proper procedure?

- According to Mr. Kalogeros, they are cleaning up the green area on the municipal site! All the indications, however, are that a car park is being created as the residue from the milling of asphalt has been laid in the area!

This leads to several questions:

- Why is the material being used (from the milling of asphalt on roads by municipal contractors) on a municipal site when it is Excavation, Construction and Demolition Waste (ECDW)?

- Why is this material being used on a municipal site unprocessed when the law states that it should go to a recycling unit for processing?

- Following the unfortunate experience we had with the contracting out of the renovation of the Yialina building due to the lack of an agreement for ECDW and the ANAKEM seminar a few months ago on the proper management of construction waste, which Mr. Kalogeros and other members of the local authority took part in, why is the municipality not observing the law?

It seems that Nikos Kalogeros is continuing to disregard the legal procedure for the management of rubble from public works and making the municipality a recipient of materials without the necessary documentation and which haven't followed the legal procedure.

- For what purpose is the municipal site being prepared? Do the necessary studies and permissions exist?

- Can the specific site be used for any purpose other than a public area?

Spyros Neratzis