Flash Mob dance event in Liston Sunday 23 October

Flash Mob dance event in Liston Sunday 23 October

Choreographer Maria Traka

CORFU. To raise awareness about breast cancer.

Οκτωβρίου / 2022

Flash Mob dance event
Sunday 23 October at 11:30

The following will speak:

Maria Gonidi - President of Corfu branch of Hellenic Cancer Society
Katerina Karamanoli - Board member of Corfu branch of Hellenic Cancer Society
Athanasios Koskinas - Radiologist
Evaggelos Philopoulos - Hellenic Cancer Society President
Ioannis Metallinos - Plastic surgeon
Eftihia Soueref

October is breast cancer awareness month and the event aims to raise awareness about breast cancer, stressing the importance of prevention and check-ups.

There will be a short flash mob dance event inspired by the phoenix - the mythical bird which, just before it dies, obtains new life by rising from the ashes more beautiful than ever. In the dance the phoenix is the symbol of the efforts of every woman from the time she is diagnosed and the power she has to emerge victorious. The dance expresses admiration of the courage and support for the women with cancer - a battle that involve the close family, social and work environments and the demand for rights, a better health system and quality of life.

Members of the public can simply watch the dance or, if they so wish, take part.

Maria Traka, Choreographer: "The event is inspired by the school pupil Efi Soueref and her own personal battle. Efi won the battle and I can only marvel at her strength and the way she faced up to the situation. I took the initiative of choreographing this work for her so that we can share it and perform it throughout Greece and share our message."