Alykes Lefkimmi Festival

Alykes Lefkimmi Festival

CORFU. The festival runs from 7 to 15 August and includes cultural events for all ages in a unique environment of natural beauty.

Aυγούστου / 2022

The annual festival organised by Lefkimmi Music and Art Union is taking place in an area of unique natural beauty. Giorgos Andriotis from Enimerosi met with the organisers in this tranquil environment - Union President Konstantina Kavadia and conductor Spyros Gasteratos.

Alykes Lefkimmi

"It is an initiative of Rigglades Philharmonic Society which is supported by a lot of other groups in the area," Spyros Gasteratos told us. It is a festival which has become a tradition and is now in its twelfth year. State funding was always limited but now doesn't exist at all. Ms. Kavadia told us that before the Capodistrias Law regarding Municipalities there was some funding but since then funding has been provided from the resources of the Music and Art Union and the largest part from the festival takings.

Union President Konstantina Kavadia

Things were difficult during the lockdown - there was no festival but some of the expenses for preparations had already been paid (down payments for performers etc.). The Philharmonic Society also had to halt its activities and was thus not properly prepared for this year's festival, Mr. Gasteratos told us.

Ms. Kavadia added, "People need to take part in cultural events. These activities are not only an artistic expression of the Lefkimmi community, but also contribute to the coming together of the community, which is extremely important in the effort to make a new start following the lockdown."

Conductor Spyros Gasteratos

Lefkimmi residents are aiming high with this year's festival in an effort to break away from the negative social and economic effects of the pandemic. The festival will last for a week this year and, as Ms. Kavadia tells us, there will be events for all ages and tastes. There will concerts by the 'Old' Philharmonic Society and several concerts by choirs from South Corfu villages, group art exhibitions by local artists, modern and traditional dance performances, film screenings and, of course, the culmination of the festival will be with the performances of Paschalis and Pix Lax.

Admission is free for all the days apart from the two aforementioned concerts, which will have reasonably-priced tickets.

The concert with Paschalis takes place on Friday 12 August - a rare opportunity to see live an artist that has played such an important part in the history of Greek pop music.