Corfu 3rd Junior High connects with Polish schools

Corfu 3rd Junior High connects with Polish schools

From the 3rd Junior High School trip to Cracow

CORFU. Corfu 3rd Junior High School teachers travelled to Cracow as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

Ιουλίου / 2022

The second part of the Erasmus+ programme "3rd Junior High School Digital Literacy in Europe and the International Environment" was completed successfully between 4 and 8 July at the state school Zespol Szkol w Lubczy in the town of Lubcza in the greater region of Cracow, Poland.

Four teachers from the Corfu school along with the principal had the opportunity to visit the school for job shadowing and to find out about the Polish education system from the teachers there as well as how Polish schools are organised and the use of digital tools in teaching.

The trip also included a visit to a school in Ryglice for those with learning difficuties, where the principal and teachers showed them round the school and discussed how it operated.

It was agreed at the end of the visit that there would be similar visits by Polish teachers to the Corfu school in the near future as part of the European orientation and creation of a long-term development plan.

This was the second such visit, following a visit to Berlin by five of the school's teachers, who took part in a seminar on digital tools organised by the Europass Teacher Academy.

The programme receives European funds and is supervised by the State Scholarships Foundation.