SEEMO claims one company has preferential parking at airport

SEEMO claims one company has preferential parking at airport

CORFU. The Union of Car Rentals with Drivers (SEEMO) reports chaotic parking and hassles for visitors whilst one multinational company ΄unofficially΄ gets preferential treatment.

Ιουνίου / 2022

SEEMO issued the following statement:

For at least the last two years we have used all available means to communicate with the representative of Fraport, which manages Corfu International Airport, regarding the serious problem of lack of parking spaces for rental vehicles with drivers serving passengers, which have difficulty finding spaces on a daily basis, and not just at peak times.

The problem is even greater this year with the increase in arrivals and departures compared to the last two years. This has resulted in chaotic parking and hassles for visitors, creating a negative tourist image of our island. The solution to the problem requires a complete change in the use of the space, which, we have been told, Fraport is looking into for the future. Nevertheless, although SEEMA and the Association of Corfu Travel Agents (AOCTA) have put forward specific proposals to the Fraport representative in Corfu for a partial solution to the problem - until a permanent solution is found - we have not had any response from Fraport.

We specifically proposed that two small parking areas, which have basically been empty and unused for quite a while, be made available. Under a range of pretexts, this has not been accepted up to now and the Fraport management in Corfu has shown complete indifference. As a result the problem remains.

To cap this, and to our great surprise, on Friday 3 June we observed that a small empty space was made available for parking for just one specific multinational company.  At the same time, all the tourist vehicles with drivers were told to leave under the threat of legal action for illegal parking.

For all the aforementioned reasons, we call on the Fraport management to inform us as to why different treatment is given to vehicles from one specific company compared to all the other tourist companies. They must take immediate action to resolve the problem with parking spaces. We demand that they end the joke situation, which is creating a negative image of our tourist product, which hundreds of professionals are fighting to protect and improve every day. Corfu International Airport should not be creating an image of an airport in a developing country just for the sake of a quick profit.

We reserve the right to take legal steps against any actions protecting and favouring specific companies and leading to unfair competition.

Saturday, 4 June, 2022

Corfu Union of Car Rentals with Drivers