South Corfu Municipality cleaning up beaches

South Corfu Municipality cleaning up beaches

CORFU. South Corfu Municipality has begun work clearing debris and polluting materials from beaches.

Μαΐου / 2022

Deputy Mayor for Technical Works Nikos Kourtesis said that specialised equipment is being used to carry out the work.

The sand is sifted and once the large objects have been removed the beach is restored to its natural condition with clean sand and all the microorganisms. The levelling of the beach following the clean-up is done with free pressure, allowing renewal, mixing and ventilation in the lower layers of sand.

According to the Deputy Mayor, the removal of the pollutants aids the revitalisation of the ecosystem and prevents the waste from returning to the marine ecosystem.

He added that the work does not threaten the Caretta Caretta laying eggs and the work is supervised by the responsible services.

Photos posted by Nikos Kourtesis