Spyros Neratzis: Volunteerism on Vidos Island, part two!

Spyros Neratzis: Volunteerism on Vidos Island, part two!

The new... residents of Vidos Island

CORFU. “The second part of volunteerism in Vidos Island started at the beginning of January 2022,” announced the Municipal Councillor for the island Spyros Neratzis.

Απριλίου / 2022

“With vision, with a clear goal, with cooperation with all the responsible bodies, with organisation, with will and determination, staying true to the fact that since we have the means and know-how then everything can be done and adding a lot of love and volunteerism, we believe that we have succeeded.


The weekends and holidays over four months were enough for the usual five volunteers of All Together for Corfu to leave their mark and realise their vision for the Vidos Island.
The work carried out was in places where no work had been done in recent years. In particular:
1. In the area of the prison cells and their surroundings.
2. On the well-known stairs leading to the Administration Building, the whole right side where the old road used to be and part of the left side of the stairs.
3. On the part of the road leading from the kitchens of the Municipal camps to the beach. Specifically, in the area where there used to be two large pine trees, one of which had fallen prior to 2010 and the other during the winter of 2021.
4. On the are where the old barn is located, which already welcomed its new members (three small ducklings)

5. For the maintenance of the beach, which we had cleaned up in our previous action.
The whole effort was done by volunteers, from our transportation to Vidos Island to the expenses to go there.
We should thank the supervisor of Corfu Municipal Green Service Giorgos Zaragas for providing us with gasoline, chains and lawnmower.
We would also like to thank our two dear friends, Giorgos and Giorgos, as well as our friend Yiannis Varotsis for their valuable contribution and the wonderful weekend we spent in Vidos Island.

However, the fact that both of these actions from October until today actually took place is thanks to Nondas Halikias and Menios Kastamonitis, who brought us back and forth to Vidos, no matter the weather! We would like to thank both of them.
The result is giving us satisfaction and pleasure and at the same time is making any tiredness go away!
Enjoying the place, the view and the peace, we are starting the third part of the work”.
The Municipal Councillor
Spyridon Nerantzis