Work still going on in North Corfu following wave of severe weather

Work still going on in North Corfu following wave of severe weather

CORFU. Municipal crews are still working hard to deal with the problems caused by the severe weather conditions over the last few days.

Νοεμβρίου / 2021

North Corfu Municipality has been working hard in response to the damage done by waves early on Tuesday morning around the coast.

The Municipality announced that the following areas were 'victims' of the weather:

1. The shore road in Agios Georgios Pagon, which was covered with huge amounts of sand.
2. There was erosion along the Roda-Acharavi coastal road and a mechanical digger that had been parked there ended up in the sea.

The strong winds also uprooted the tamarisks along the road and damge done to the road surface has exposed the sewerage system and drains, putting them in danger of corrosion.

North Corfu Municipality and Thinalia fire station responded immediately. Early this morning, mechanical equipment and personnel from the Civil Protection Service and Technical Works Department went to remove the mechanical digger from the sea, supervised by Deputy Mayors Theofanis Skabris and Haritona Koutsouri. North Corfu Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris and Deputy Mayor for Everyday Issues Nikos Mouzakitis also went to the scene.

North Corfu Municipality remains on 24-hour alert during the wave of severe weather in order to respond immediately to any problems caused by the heavy rain and strong winds.

Members of the public are requested to take special care and take measures to protect themselves from any dangers caused by the adverse weather conditions.

- Drivers and pedestrians should avoid flooded roads during heavy storms, rainfalls and hailstorms and for several hours after they have subsided.

- Outdoor work and activities should be avoided in coastal areas during storms (danger of being struck by lightning).

- Avoid passing below large trees, signs and places with light objects such as pots and glass, which could fall (e.g. below balconies).

Follow orders and advice from the responsible authorities such as Civil Protection Service, traffic police etc.