North Corfu Municipality repairing damage caused by weather

North Corfu Municipality repairing damage caused by weather

CORFU. North Corfu municipal crews are repairing damage caused by the severe weather conditions over the weekend.

Νοεμβρίου / 2021

The following North Corfu Municipal services have been working together to deal with the damage caused by the heavy rainfall and strong winds over the weekend, under the supervision of the responsible Deputy Mayors Theofanis Skebris, Haritona Koutsouri and Nikolaos Mouzakitis:

1. Cleaning Service, Mechanical Equipment, Civil Protection and Green Services
2. Works, Development & Real Estate Investment
3. Everyday Issues

The work being done includes the following:

- Clearing roads and removing fallen trees in Sinies (main road), Santa, Vigla, Avlaki, Porta, Velonades etc.
- Landslip in Lavki, Thinaliako sports ground etc.
- General flooding and other problems

The damage to lighting cables in the area of Sinies sawmill has been repaired.

North Corfu Municipality issued the following press statement:

Due to the readiness and collaboration between the municipal services the damage due to the severe weather is being dealt with.

North Corfu Municipality calls on residents - most importantly, for their own safety - to remain at home and avoid non-essential movement.

In case of emergencies and urgent medical or other needs, you can call North Corfu Municipality at the following numbers:

26633 60155 / 6974 555184 - Civil Protection Deputy Mayor Theofanis Skebris
6974 466941 - Civil Protection Supervisor Giorgos Mavropoulos