North Corfu Municipality donates clothing to Smile of the Child

North Corfu Municipality donates clothing to Smile of the Child

CORFU. The first free distribution of clothing and linen collected at North Corfu Green Spots took place on Sunday with the slogan Give-Take-Support.

Νοεμβρίου / 2021

The event took place at the former Acharavi School in support of Smile of the Child.

The event was organised by the department for Circular Economy and the Environment in collaboration with Sinies Cooperative and All Together for the Corfu Environment along with a large number of volunteers.

Music was provided by three North Corfu philharmonic bands.

'Kassios Dias' sports club also presented their activities to those present.

The following were present at the event:

- North Corfu Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris
- North Corfu Deputy Mayor for Everyday issues Nikos Mouzakitis
- Municipal Councillors Theodoros Mavronas and Marietta Liaskou Bakola
- Agios Panteleimonos Community President Ioannis Koskinas

The Deputy Mayor for Circular Economy Spyridoula Kokkali would like to give warm thanks to the following:

- The volunteers who helped organise and run the event with their usual enthusiasm.
- The Avliotes, Karousades and Thinalia philharmonic bands for their wonderful musical performances which created a live, youthful atmosphere. We are proud of you all.
- The conductors Panayiotis Bakolas and Spyridon Kastamonitis for their impeccable collaboration.
- The Deputy Mayor for Cleaning Services Fanis Skebris for his valuable assistance.
- Civil Protection supervisor Giorgos Mavropoulos for his excellent assistance and collaboration throughout.
- Cleaning Services supervisor Kosmas Vassilas for organising the cleaning services in order to transport the clothing and all the workers for their contribution.
- Agios Panteleimonos Cultural Society for the provision of tables and chairs.
- Agios Panteleimonos Community President Ioannis Koskinas for his valuable contribution to the organisation of the event.