Temploni landfill perimeter wall to be completely repaired

Temploni landfill perimeter wall to be completely repaired

CORFU. Repair work to be carried out not just on the section that collapsed, but on all weak spots in the wall.

Οκτωβρίου / 2021

The Regional FODSA (Solid Waste Management Organisation) is planning to completely repair the section of the perimeter wall at the 1st cell which collapsed following the recent weather.

FODSA General Director Vassilis Analitis told Enimerosi that they are preparing a technical report in order to get the necessary funding and that the repair work will not be limited to the section that collapse, but will also include other sections where there are weaknesses. A lot of work will be needed and will begin as soon as possible.

According to the Organisation's Director of Technical Services Theodoros Kardaris, the section that collapsed had initially suffered cracks due to the previous storm 'Athena' but 'Ballos' finished it off.

He told Enimerosi that no other damage was done to the landfill by the flooding on 14 October.

Temploni Cultural Society says wall collapsed earlier

According to Temploni Cultural Society President Magda Papanikolopoulou, the wall had collapsed before the heavy rainfall. The Society posted the following on social media: "There are streams and pools with residue everywhere...Is this is a result of the work that has been done supposedly to protect the environment? There are many who are responsible for this - the association management and the employees who are responsible for the work..."