Parents protesting about conditions at 8th Nursery School

Parents protesting about conditions at 8th Nursery School

CORFU. Parents are asking that it be moved from the prefab buildings next to the high schools.

Οκτωβρίου / 2021

Parents of children at the 8th Nursery School are protesting and asking that the school be moved from the prefab buildings next to the high schools to a new site rented by Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipality.

A meeting was held early this morning outside the four prefab buildings that have been set up to house the 8th Nursery and part of the 12th Nursery, to coordinate stronger protests.

The President of the 8th Nursery PGA Niki Diamantopoulou told Enimerosi that, despite having repeatedly requested a meeting with the Mayor to find a solution, nothing has yet happened.

Unsuitable facilities

According to Ms. Diamantopoulou, the facilities for the 36 children at the 8th Nursery are completely unsuitable. "The aim of our meeting was to coordinate what we, the parents of the children here in the prefab buildings, are going to do because it's truly a difficult situation," she said. "Regardless of the virus, it is not a coincidence that half the children have become ill here and we believe that it is due to the terrible conditions here.

It is very cold in the morning and very hot in the afternoon and the air-conditioning is on all the time. It is especially dangerous at this time when there is a pandemic. We consider it unacceptable that in the 21st century nursery school children are kept in tin boxes." She added that they will also be coordinating with Corfu Parents' Union.

18 children in each prefab

Ms. Diamantopoulou said that there are 18 children in each prefab building. There have already been problems with the facilities, such as the toilets.

"Of the two toilets available for the children at the 8th Nursery, one is out of order," she said."There is no toilet for the teachers and no space for the cleaner, who has to remain outside.

"It is a very small space with a low ceiling and there is no real insulation against the weather conditions. I don't think we will be able to get through the winter here."

She added that, due to viruses, there are only 18 children out of 36 at the school at the moment. The main demand of the Association is the creation of a new School Centre in Mandouki, which will house all levels - childcare centre, pre-school and nursery.