Another protest by hospital workers against mandatory vaccinations

Another protest by hospital workers against mandatory vaccinations

CORFU. Public health workers continue to protest, as part of the nationwide Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Workers΄ (POEDHN) protests.

Aυγούστου / 2021

The Workers’ Union held another work stoppage and protest gathering at the hospital entrance on Thursday afternoon against mandatory vaccinations and the suspension of health workers who have not received any vaccine shots.

The Union’s President Dina Ioannou said that “the government has no plan to fill the gaps in public hospitals. Yesterday regular leave was withdrawn and it is not the first time that this is happening; there was also a suspension of regular leave from October to May.

"In this way, the government itself is trying to divide the staff; the vaccinated ones working without regular leave and the unvaccinated ones on suspension without pay. It leads to impoverishment, the inability to survive and to the loss of their pension rights.”

Corfu Prefectural Committee of ADEDY (Civil Servants' Confederation), SEPE (Primary School Teachers’ Union), ELME (Secondary School Teachers’ Union) and the local Corfu Communist Party (KKE) branch declared their support for the health workers.