New ΄Diaplus΄ Addictions Advice Centre opens in North Corfu - with no staff!

New ΄Diaplus΄ Addictions Advice Centre opens in North Corfu - with no staff!

CORFU. The new ΄Diaplus΄ Addictions Advice Centre was officially opened in Sfakera, North Corfu on Sunday.

Μαΐου / 2021

The centre had been a long-time demand of the community with the nightmare of addiction affecting a lot of young people and their families. The local authorities had big smiles on their faces for the opening of this emergency health facility for drug addicts whose life may be hanging on a thread.

Present at the opening were Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa, Deputy Regional Governor Kostas Zorbas, North Corfu Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris and Corfu Hospital Director Leonidas Roubatis, who is directly responsible for the centre.

Leonidas Roubatis posted on social media: "It is with great satisfaction, joy and emotion for me, as Director of Corfu Hospital, to open the new hospital Advice Centre 'Diaplus' in Sfakera, North Corfu in collaboration with the North Corfu Mayor and the Ionian Islands Regional Governor. The centre will open on specific days with professional personnel from our hospital. This laudable effort started a while ago and is now being officially implemented. I would like to give warm thanks to all those who have contributed and especially the hospital personnel!

Our aim is to help those who are in need of our support!"

However, the director in charge, Elias Michalareas, said in an interview with ERT that the advice centre has no staff. It will operate once every 10 days with professional staff coming from the 'Diaplus' headquarters in Corfu Town to meet people by appointment.

It was also said at the opening that there are plans to have a 'Diaplus' in South Corfu. Nevertheless, despite the assurances of the Deputy Health Minister Zoe Rapti in February that the area of mental health will be bolstered, the hospital Psychiatric Clinic Advice Centre 'Diaplus' will perform well below its potential - even if everyone photographed at the cutting of the ribbon expressed their "great satisfaction".