΄Cry for help΄ from the tourist guides: "Our profession is in danger of disappearing"

΄Cry for help΄ from the tourist guides:

CORFU. Corfu tourist guides held a protest in Liston, demanding support from the State, which has forgotten all about them.

Μαΐου / 2021

The Ionian Islands & Western Greece Tourist Guide Association took part in the today's national tourist guides' protest with a peaceful protest at Pentofanero reiterating their appeal for support for their profession, which is the public face of the tourist product.

There was support for the guides from other representatives of the tourist sector including Pericles Katsaros, President of Corfu Federation of Tourist Accommodation Owners as well as Corfu KINAL MP Dimitris Biangis and SYRIZA representative Christos Moraitis.

Pericles Katsaros

Dimitris Biangis

Christos Moraitis

"Assistance from the state has been almost non-existent," say the guides, "and as a result many of our colleagues have been seeking employment elsewhere in order to survive. Since the beginning of the pandemic we have received a total of €2,936 even though all employees like ourselves were entitled to at least €534 a month."

We demand the following:

1. Rectroactive compensation for the 6 months in 2020 with insurance stamps
2. The official compensation for the months March, April and May 2021 with insurance stamps
3. Inclusion in the category of those affected by coronavirus so that we can be eligible for the corresponding reliefs and allowances (debt postponement, rent reduction etc.)
4. Realistic and functional protocols for 2021 regarding guided group tours. A whole professional sector, which provides value to our tourist product, is in danger of disappearing.