Corfu farmers on the streets in forest maps protest

Corfu farmers on the streets in forest maps protest

CORFU. Corfu farmers took to the streets today in agricultural and private vehicle.

Απριλίου / 2021

The protestors gathered at the airport and then drove to the town centre and the Regional Administration offices.

The farmers are protesting about the posting of forest maps, which has caused serious problems with their properties.

The Federation of Corfu Farming Associations is demanding:

- No extra charges for the working classes
- The state should be responsible for dealing with the problem with appeals and objections which it created
- The classification of farming land should not be called into question
- Forest maps and forestry policy should not be used against the working classes, leaving land in the hands of the few
- Enough time should be allowed for objection, taking into account the situation with the pandemic, immigrants and general difficulties
- The necessary amount of personnel at the forestry commission must be guaranteed as well as the means and resources of the responsible state authorities
- The Ionian Islands Regional Administration and the Municipalities must contribute to making matters easier for people