Lease contract for Benitses Marina signed today

Lease contract for Benitses Marina signed today

CORFU. The lease contract for Benitses Marina was signed at Maraslion Town Hall today by Mayor Meropi Ydraiou and Maritime Projects representative Dimitris Koutsodontis.

Απριλίου / 2021

The annual fee payable to Central Corfu Municipality is €250,000 until 2035 and a deposit of €250,000 was paid ahead of the signing.

The Mayor reiterated that the leasing of Benitses Marina will provide many benefits - on the one hand, revenue for the Municipality and on the other, the creation of jobs and an upgrading of the area and the tourist product in general.

"I would like to thank the Deputy Mayors for Finance and Tourism Giorgos Pantelios and Panayiotis Varouchas for their tremendous efforts to achieve the result we have today. I consider this development to be a great achievement for the local authority."

The marina

Benitses Marina can accommodate 96 boats and 10 places will be made available free to local professional fishermen.

Provision is made in the contract for amateur fishers to be allowed to use the slipway to launch their boats into the sea for a very small fee.

Tourist boats that are currently docked in the harbour at no charge must now contact the company in order to find out the charges.

In operation from July

According to the contract, the lessor will provide the necessary studies and licences for the harbour at their own expense.

Following the award of the operating licence and the first repairs, it is estimated that the harbour under the new management will start operating from July.