How to book a vaccination appointment in North Corfu

How to book a vaccination appointment in North Corfu

CORFU. North Corfu Municipality has announced that KEP offices have started the procedure for booking appointments to be given the SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.

Ιανουαρίου / 2021

Members of the public can contact the KEP offices in North Corfu to book an appointment.

- At the moment those over 85 years of age can already book an appointment.
- Those interested can visit the KEP office of their choice 08:00 - 14:00 after having made an appointment.
- Applicants must have their ID with them and know their AMKA number.
- If an elderly person can't come to the KEP office in person, a representative can go in their place with the individuals details. No authorisation is required.

The applicant will receive a printout with their unique QR code and the appointment times for the two doses.


- All members of the public can get detailed information and book an appointment by themselves via the platform with their AMKA number.
- If they are on the electronic prescription register, they will receive an automatic SMS message.
- It is also possible to book an appointment at a pharmacy.

North Corfu Municipality KEP contact numbers:

Monday to Friday - 08:00 - 14:00
Thinalio-Acharavi KEP: 26633 60102 / 26633 60103
Esperia-Sidari KEP: 26633 60019
Kassiopi-Kouloura KEP: 26633 60519
Ag. Georgios-Agros KEP: 26630 72697