North Corfu Municipality prepared for weather deterioration

North Corfu Municipality prepared for weather deterioration

CORFU. North Corfu Municipality in collaboration with the Regional Authority is prepared for the expected deterioration in weather with personnel standing by, snow ploughs and plenty of salt.

Ιανουαρίου / 2021

The North Corfu Civil Protection service is in readiness to deal with 'Leandros', which is hitting the country and, according to the National Meteorological Service, will bring a sharp drop in temperature, heavy rainfall and winds as well as snow and ice at higher altitudes.

The public is advised to be especially careful and take measures to protect themselves from the weather conditions.

North Corfu Municipality Civil Protection service has said that it has plenty of salt (in collaboration with the Regional Authority) and technical crews are on standby to deal with any problems.

Deputy Mayors Koutsouris Hariton and Theofanis Skebris are coordinating the work along with Civil Protection supervisor Giorgos Mavropoulos.