Corfu Choir Christmas Carols

Corfu Choir Christmas Carols

CORFU. Due to the pandemic children may not be singing carols on the street this year but Corfu Choir has produced a video with Christmas Carols.

Δεκεμβρίου / 2020

The choir produced a video with traditional Christmas Carols from Central Corfu combining the enthusiasm of the young singers with the wisdom and experience of their teachers.

The recording took place at the Corfu Centre for Ionian Islands Music and Culture having received permission from the Civil Protection General Secretariat and observing all the Covid measures.

Traditional Christmas Carols from Central Corfu performed by Corfu Choir (Men's, Women's and Children's Choirs).

Soloists: Giorgos Anifantis, Pavlos Varagoulis, Markos Orfanos, Despina Alexi, Konstantinos Balis
Violin: Iason Papadopoulos Michalas
Mandolin: Stavros Makris
Guitar: Theodoros Dimas

Recording: Andriana Sirimi

Conductor: Christina Kalliaridou