Swiss TV and radio in Corfu for the beginning of the tourist season

Swiss TV and radio in Corfu for the beginning of the tourist season

CORFU. The first journalists have come to Corfu following the lifting of the lockdown ahead of the tourist season.

Ιουνίου / 2020

Two journalists from the French-speaking department of Radio television Suisse based in Lausanne have come to Corfu - Cedric Guigon for the radio and Mouna Hyssain for the website. The Swiss Consul Carol Kasfiki helped organise their programme.

They held interviews with Maria Pangrati from ERA Kerkyra, the President of Corfu Hoteliers' Association Babis Voulgaris and Mayor Meropi Ydraiou. They were also taken round Corfu Hospital by a doctor as the public health facilities were an important part of their report.

They were well-informed regarding the situation in Greece and took an interest in everything, especially the current situation in Corfu based on the new circumstances. They were struck by the fact that tourism comprises over 90% of the local economy and that up to now only 3 hotels (out of 400) have officially announced that they will be open this summer. The journalists asked if there were demonstrations and what the demands were and also asked about the situation with waste management.

They came to the conclusion that it is more convenient for tourists to rent an apartment and a car in order to avoid using public transport - but on the condition that the hospital facilities are satisfactory.

Source: ERT Kerkyra / Maria Pangrati