Pagi community continues to recycle - but has a complaint

Pagi community continues to recycle - but has a complaint

CORFU. Along with other communities, residents and volunteers in Pagi, Northwest Corfu have been recycling and sorting at source - but they have expressed a complaint about lack of proper arrangements from the local authority.

Ιουνίου / 2020

Recycling continues methodically and, most importantly, efficiently in many parts of Corfu.

The Green Spot in Pagi, Northwest Corfu is an example of the efforts that are being made by a network of volunteer teams throughout the island to recycle and sort at source.

According to a recent post on their Facebook Page, the team in Pagi managed to collect another vanload of metal and old electrical appliances, which went for recycling instead of being dumped as rubbish.

The post, however, also included a complaint to the local authority:

"...if the authorities showed a bit more care and responsibility, things would be much better. We say this because we know that most of the metal and old electrical appliances in the community ends up in the rubbish and not at the Recycling Centre. Nevertheless, along with the other Green Spots, we are carrying on...!"