Without proper water supply for 20 days - written report from Dafni resident in North Coru!

Without proper water supply for 20 days - written report from Dafni resident in North Coru!

CORFU. In a written document, also sent to the Corfu Prosecutor, the Ombudsman and to the Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias, Dafni residents hold the North Corfu Municipality, DEYAK and Thinalia Public Water Company responsible for the health of village residents.

Μαΐου / 2020

A Dafni resident has sent a written report to North Corfu Municipality and to the Public Water Companies of Corfu and Thinalia complaining that the village has been without water for the last 20 days.

In her written report (also sent to the Corfu Prosecutor, the Ombudsman, the Civil Protection Deputy Minister and the Deputy Regional Governor for Corfu) local resident Evaggelia Somira states that, despite repeated requests, those responsible have shown indifference to the matter even in the middle of the pandemic.

She says that the situation is the same in neighbouring villages (Armenades, Termenades and Kavadades).

According to Ms. Somira, she has repeatedly been in touch with the local Community President Mr. Tsilibaris and the supervisor at the Public Water Company in Thinalia Mr. Salvanos, but to no avail.

She says it is completely unacceptable that during this health crisis and pandemic whole villages, where the majority of residents belong to vulnerable groups, have to go without the most basic resource - water.

Ms. Somira lists the following excuses which she has been given in phone conversations with North Corfu Municipality:

- There are only 3 water tanks in the whole of the Municipality - which aren't enough to cover all the needs.
- There isn't enough water to cover everyone's needs as people have been watering their gardens and the water in the tank has been used up.
- The tank's pump is not the proper kind. The original pump was damaged in December and because DEYAK couldn't afford to buy a proper replacement, it was replaced with a less powerful one which wasn't able to pump the water to the network. This was supposedly a temporary solution (in December) and a proper replacement would quickly be obtained.
- The pump is damaged but the contractor doesn't have the necessary tools to repair it in Corfu. They are on the mainland and he can't get them due to lockdown.
- There isn't enough money to replace the pump and we have to invite tenders and choose the cheapest replacement.

She says that, as far as she knows, that there used to be a tank in the village and asks why this was no longer in use.

Ms. Somira points out that there was a similar situation with the water supply in the summers of 2018 and 2019 but there has never previously been a situation where there was absolutely no water for 48 hours as happened on 23 and 24 May this year.

She concludes by saying that she holds all the relevant authorities responsible for any health problems that may occur in Dafni and neighbouring villages due to problems with the water supply.