Tuesday 25.06.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ


01 Mar 2024 / 09:34
Over €800,000 for flood protection in Corfu from Regional Authority

CORFU. The process for urgent flood protection projects has begun in North Corfu, which suffered from wildfires last July.

21 Oct 2023 / 16:09
Agios Stefanos wildfire still not under control (15:15)

CORFU. Reinforcements of five vehicles and 12 firefighters are expected to set off for Corfu at 16:30.

21 Oct 2023 / 14:59
Wildfire in Agios Stefanos, Avliotes

CORFU. 15 firefighters with 6 vehicles are fighting the fire, while 2 firefighting planes are also heading to the scene to reinforce the firefighting efforts.

21 Oct 2023 / 13:22
Message to residents of Agios Stefanos, Avliotes to evacuate the area

CORFU. Residents have been asked to go to Agios Stefanos harbour.

25 Aug 2023 / 11:45
Old Perithia businesses hit by wildfire requesting support

CORFU. On the initiative of board member Vassilis Vassilakis, the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (GSEVEE) has sent a letter.

22 Aug 2023 / 12:52
Smoke from Evros wildfires covers Ionian Islands south of Corfu

CORFU. The smoke has travelled approximately 950km south west, covering an area of approximately 110,000 sq.km.

16 Aug 2023 / 13:09
Major water supply problems in North Corfu due to July wildfires

CORFU. The problems in the electricity network in the Thinalia and Kassiopi districts caused serious damage to the pumping station supply systems.

10 Aug 2023 / 15:13
Wildfire in Akrokefalo, Temploni

CORFU. Aerial and ground forces are involved in the firefighting operation.

07 Aug 2023 / 20:56
Access to certain areas prohibited on Tuesday 8 August due to high fire risk

Deputy Regional Governor for Corfu, Kostas Zorbas, announced that, due to the very high fire risk, movement of people and vehicles is prohibited in the certain areas:

07 Aug 2023 / 14:55
High fire risk in Corfu on Tuesday 8th August

ATHENS. The Ionian Islands are in the very high risk category on the fire risk map for Tuesday.

31 Jul 2023 / 19:16
Collection of basic necessities for those affected by wildfires in North Corfu

CORFU. Items are being collected at the former Acharavi Primary School, 10:00-17:00.

27 Jul 2023 / 15:14
Small flare-ups being dealt with immediately in North Corfu (13:30)

CORFU. Firefighting forces on constant alert due to strong winds.

27 Jul 2023 / 13:52
Request to declare a state of emergency in the Municipality of North Corfu

CORFU. North Corfu Mayor Giorgos Mahimaris has submitted the request.

27 Jul 2023 / 12:52
Update from the National Fire Department Operations Centre

ATHENS. Deputy Fire Chief Yiannis Artopios: ΄We remain in a state of alert."

27 Jul 2023 / 10:38
Wildfires receding in North Corfu (09:30)

CORFU. All ground and aerial forces are on alert for the immediate containment of any potential reoccurrence.

27 Jul 2023 / 09:34
Rescue of animals from fire in North Corfu

CORFU. Animal-loving volunteers, firefighters and police all showed their humanity and compassion during this difficult ordeal.