Sunday 03.03.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

waste management

07 Feb 2024 / 14:15
New FODSA Administrative Board elected today

CORFU. The new board was elected today at the Ionian Islands Regional Administration headquarters in Alykes Potamos.

06 Feb 2024 / 10:04
New FODSA Administrative Board to be elected tomorrow

CORFU. The three candidate consortia for the waste treatment plant in Corfu appealed to the Council of State against the decision of the Single Independent Authority for Public Contracts.

28 Jan 2024 / 15:15
North Corfu Municipality acquires new garbage bin cleaner

CORFU. In case of an emergency, it is appropriately equipped to contribute to firefighting operations.

19 Jan 2024 / 12:58
Negative developments for Corfu waste treatment plant

CORFU. The Independent Authority for Pre-judicial Appeals has accepted the three objections of the interested groups of companies.

15 Jan 2024 / 16:56
Waste, water supply and roads discussed at Regional Governor΄s meeting with North and South Corfu Mayors

CORFU. In the coming days, Yiannis Trepeklis will meet with the General Secretary of Waste Management, Manolis Grafakos, to expedite the procedures for putting the waste management facility out to tender.

03 Jan 2024 / 15:03
Clean-up operation in South Corfu

CORFU. With the assistance of the other Corfu municipalities and the Regional Authority.

18 Dec 2023 / 13:00
183 tons of clothing from municipal purple bins recycled in two years

CORFU. Meropi Ydraiou: "We hope that, with the use of these facilities, in the coming years, waste collection will operate efficiently and that municipal networks for separate collection as well as new waste streams will develop."

16 Dec 2023 / 12:00
Waste situation in South Corfu out of control

CORFU. Corfu Medical Association has issued a warning, declaring its determination to take action through every legal means.

08 Dec 2023 / 09:47
Catering industry professionals request measures for better waste collection.

CORFU. Spyros Neratzis says that from 1st February refuse will be taken to bins with carts.

06 Dec 2023 / 21:40
Incoming Central Corfu Mayor sets waste management issue as priority

CORFU. Meeting with the Corfu Hoteliers Association. The municipal authority also met with restaurant owners and producers of the open-air market.

22 Nov 2023 / 11:02
Removal of waste bales from Mesorachi at a standstill

CORFU. The Ionian Islands Solid Waste Management Organisation (FODSA) awaiting additional funding to remove the last bales to the Palairo landfill.

20 Nov 2023 / 13:52
South Corfu still full of uncollected rubbish

CORFU. Outgoing mayor Kostas Lessis has written to the government.

05 Oct 2023 / 13:04
Central Corfu Municipality acquires four new rubbish trucks

CORFU. Two vehicles to collect from brown bins and two for paper and cardboard have been added to the fleet of trucks and will begin operating in the next few days.

14 Sep 2023 / 12:07
FODSA΄s appeal for restoration of Temploni landfill accepted

CORFU. A temporary contractor for the waste management facility in Corfu will soon be appointed. The competition for the transportation of waste off the island for 1+1 years has been announced by Central Corfu Municipality.

30 Jun 2023 / 10:51
Free distribution of domestic composters in North Corfu

CORFU. Those interested can phone 26633 60155, Monday-Friday 08:30-14:30. Priority will be given in order of application.

02 Jun 2023 / 12:11
North Corfu Municipality at Attica Green Expo

CORFU. The Municipality presented its environmental activities for the circular economy, waste management and recycling.

17 Mar 2023 / 11:26
Stefanos Poulimenos: Basic principles for waste management

CORFU. The team of the municipal movement "Exarhis - Force of Responsibility and Creativity" has been holding thematic meetings on waste management, tourism, environment, and culture.

13 Mar 2023 / 14:06
Solid Waste Management Organisations against Environment Ministry΄s legislation

CORFU. "FODSA is a public benefit and non-profit organisation - The proposal to set up a Regulatory Authority to oversee the market in a non-purchase sector is completely incomprehensible."