Friday 24.05.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

high schools

24 Jan 2024 / 11:30
Sit-ins continuing at six schools

CORFU. The sit-ins are continuing at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd High Schools, Kato Korakiana Vocational High School and Agros Junior High and High Schools.

23 Jan 2024 / 10:37
Sit-ins at six Corfu schools

CORFU. Second day of sit-ins at 1st and 2nd High Schools and Agros Junior and High School.

22 Jan 2024 / 12:45
Pupils΄ outcry about police intervention in high schools

CORFU. "We΄re pupils, not criminals," shout pupils.

22 Jan 2024 / 11:56
Pupils΄ sit-in at 1st and 2nd High Schools

CORFU. At 11:30 in the morning, there will be a protest at the High Schools in the aftermath of the events of January 18th, with the support of the Central Corfu Parents΄ Association and the Teachers΄ Union (ELME).

29 Jun 2022 / 23:52
Energy upgrade of High Schools and 1st and 5th Junior High Schools

CORFU. Repair works will also be carried out in 11 more schools.

30 Mar 2022 / 19:46
Energy upgrade of three High Schools and two Primary Schools by Central Corfu Municipality

CORFU. The Mayor signed the contract for the project today.

24 Sep 2021 / 11:15
Lawsuit filed against persons unknown for damage and theft of equipment at 3rd-4th Junior High Schools

CORFU. The police are investigating the matter.

08 May 2020 / 17:14
North Corfu schools to be disinfected and provided with necessary hygiene and health protection equipment

CORFU. North Corfu schools will be disinfected on Saturday 9 May in preparation for the resumption of classes for the 3rd year of High School on Monday 11 May.