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Pupils΄ outcry about police intervention in high schools

22 Jan 2024 / 12:52

CORFU. "We΄re pupils, not criminals," shout pupils.

There was a mass protest from pupils of the 1st and 2nd High Schools in response to the police intervention to end the sit-in last Thursday.

"We are pupils, not criminals," shouted the pupils of the two high schools where there is currently a sit-in. Pupils from Korakiana Vocational High School and the Music School also absented themselves from classes to join the protest.

After gathering in outside the high schools, they marched in protest with banners, passing through the town centre, ending up at the Courthouse.

Representatives of the pupils, the Teachers' Union (ELMA), the Parents' and Guardians' Association, and the Workers Centre are expected to meet with the Prosecutor for an update and to request the withdrawal of the charges.