Wednesday 24.04.2024 ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ

Pupils΄ sit-in at 1st and 2nd High Schools

22 Jan 2024 / 11:35

CORFU. At 11:30 in the morning, there will be a protest at the High Schools in the aftermath of the events of January 18th, with the support of the Central Corfu Parents΄ Association and the Teachers΄ Union (ELME).

The pupils of Corfu 1st and 2nd High Schools of Corfu have been holding a sit-in since Monday morning.

"The protest is taking place without a decision having been taken by a general assembly of the pupils," the principal of the 1st High School told Enimerosi and so far, they have not communicated their demands to the school administrations.

However, the pupils state that they have convened, and their demands are posted on the school gate.

Today's classes are expected to be conducted through remote learning, and teachers and pupils have already been informed.


Protest at 11:30

At 11:30 in the morning, the pupils of the schools will engage in a protest following the events that took place on Thursday, January 18th, involving the police intervention in the schools and the detention of six minors (five pupils from the occupied schools and one pupil from another school). They have been charged with disrupting the operation of public services.

Today's rally is scheduled at the High Schools. The protest is supported by both the Central Corfu Parents' Association and the Teachers' Union (ELME), which has declared a three-hour work stoppage (11 a.m. – 2 p.m.) for this purpose.