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19 Feb 2023 / 13:58
Business magnate Henry Holterman donates equipment to Corfu Hospital maternity clinic

CORFU. A section of the clinic has already been cleared, cleaned and prepared for the new equipment.

17 Feb 2023 / 13:01
Donation of equipment to Corfu Town Health Centre

CORFU. "It is an honour for us to receive practical support for any need that may come up and hope that this can be an example for others."

16 Jan 2023 / 12:56
Liapades Recycling Centre donates equipment to firefighters

CORFU. The Recycling Centre regularly collects donations which it uses to support non-profit organisations.

11 Jan 2023 / 09:30
AHEPA donates furniture to hostel for abused women

CORFU. Central Corfu Municipality is expected to reopen the hostel shortly.

29 Dec 2022 / 14:29
AHEPA donates food to Large Families΄ Association

CORFU. The local branch of AHEPA has thanked all those who responded to their collection of foodstuffs, showing their sense of solidarity with fellow humans.

22 Dec 2022 / 22:45
Archbishop Nektarios donates basic necessities to Corfu Prison inmates

CORFU. He visited and blessed their cells.

21 Dec 2022 / 14:58
Ambulance Service Union donates food to orphanage, community shop and food kitchen

CORFU. They wished everyone a new year full of love, health and prosperity.

06 Dec 2022 / 13:44
Agios Markos Cultural Society donates bookshelves to primary school

CORFU. The principal, teachers and pupils express their warm thanks.

05 Dec 2022 / 16:10
Red Cross collecting food and basic necessities for those in need

CORFU. The office at El. Venizelou 2, New Fortress Square will be open daily 08:30-14:00.

02 Dec 2022 / 01:04
Plot of land found for creation of North Corfu indoor training centre

CORFU. According to an announcement by the municipal authority, Kostas Mahimaris provided the solution for North Corfu Municipality΄s indoor training centre.

31 Oct 2022 / 22:32
The incredible story of Christos with the ‘heart of gold’

CORFU. The family of the 19-year-old Christos talk about the tragic last moments and how they decided to donate their child΄s organs.

19 Oct 2022 / 16:08
Civil Aviation Authority donates ambulance to Ambulance Service - but will it stay in Corfu?

CORFU. Corfu Ambulance Service (EKAB) Employees Union is asking for support from MPs so that the ambulance doesn΄t leave the island.

07 Oct 2022 / 22:20
Mastoras Clinic donates water stretcher to Fire Service

CORFU. It is a specially designed stretcher suitable for both sea and land for the transfer of patients with multiple injuries.

16 Sep 2022 / 19:33
Donation of 150 litres of paint to Corfu Hospital

CORFU. As part of Vitex΄s ΄Paint Bank΄ initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

18 Aug 2022 / 12:09
Voluntary blood donation at Municipal Theatre on Friday

CORFU. On Friday 19 August between 10:00 and 13:00 at the Municipal Theatre (back side) at Ioannou Theotoki St.

21 Jul 2022 / 14:50
Central Corfu Municipality - voluntary blood donation

CORFU. Mobile Blood Donation Unit in Theotoki St. from 10:00 to 13:00 on Friday 22 July.

29 May 2022 / 15:18
Donation of equipment to Ambulance Service from foreign lovers of Corfu

CORFU. "Acts like these significantly help Corfu ambulance crews in their work."

23 May 2022 / 19:15
‘Kerkyraion Politeia’ donates trainers to Corfu Hospital nurses

CORFU. On the occasion of International Nurses Day.