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Liapades Recycling Centre donates equipment to firefighters

16 Jan 2023 / 12:34

CORFU. The Recycling Centre regularly collects donations which it uses to support non-profit organisations.

Using donations that had been collected Liapades Recycling Centre was able to donate 10 respiratory masks and 20 waterproof jackets worth €2,600 to Corfu Firefighters Union to be distributed to its members for individual use. The masks are used when fighting fires in homes, the airport and on board ships.

The President of Corfu Firefighters Union Nikos Karatarakis told Enimerosi that at the moment equipment is distributed to groups not to individuals. The donated masks will go to firefighters at the airport and the jackets will go to other colleagues following a random draw.

Liapades Recycling Centre

The recycling centre began operating next to the local junior high school in 2018 at the peak of the waste crisis on the island as a temporary solution to reduce the amount of waste.

The temporary solution eventually became permanent, however, and in a few months it will have been in operation for five years with volunteers dedicating an enormous amount of time and effort with no personal gain other than the satisfaction of fulfilling an important social need.

The original group comprised 12 volunteers of whom seven are still working at the centre. They are made up of locals and foreign residents with the Britons Ian and Lesley at the heart of the group. Their recycling efforts are supported by several other foreign residents as well as local residents and the work they do significantly reduces the amount of waste going to Temploni landfill.


In addition to recyclable materials, members of the public began to bring other items as well such as clothing, household goods, books, children's games and other items and electrical appliances which can be reused.

The centre also occasionally collects small donations which people give when they take items for reuse and volunteer Christina Repoulia told Enimerosi that the donation they have just given to the firefighters is not the first. Every month, using the money that has been collected, they donate to non-profit organisations or groups such as Floga, Smile of the Child, the local Philharmonic Society etc.

It was from the money collected in November that they were able to donate the equipment to the firefighters. On behalf of the Firefighters Union, Nikos Karatarakis gave warm thanks to the recycling centre volunteers and everyone else who contributed in any way. He also donated a wheelchair which had been given to Potamos Cultural Society and not used for it to go to anyone whoo needed it.