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29 Nov 2023 / 14:00
Black Friday: No great increase in sales in Corfu

CORFU. Estimates suggest a slight increase in turnover. Consumers prioritise essential necessities.

05 Oct 2023 / 18:12
Ionian University International Conference: Embedding IT and Cyber in music training and performance

CORFU. Dissemination action in the framework of the European project MUSense.

30 May 2023 / 23:14
Prosecutor orders investigation following collapse of school exam platform

CORFU. Ionian Islands Regional Education Director: "Problems in Corfu have been restored. We are ready for the national exams as the transmission system of the exam questions is different".

28 Jan 2019 / 10:11
Police presentation to Corfu pupils on how to use the internet safely

CORFU. School pupils learning about ΄Cyber bullying and harassment΄ as well as online scams.

24 Jan 2019 / 12:24
Corfu: The findings of the investigation into the child pornography case

CORFU. How the Cyber Crimes Unit was able to trace the 39-year-old Corfu man.

23 Jan 2019 / 13:10
39-year-old facing charges of child pornography to appear in court in 48 hours

CORFU. The 39-year-old Corfu man facing charges of child pornography appeared before the Prosecutor on Wednesday afternoon.

23 Jan 2019 / 11:42
39-year-old Corfu man facing child pornography charges

CORFU. The Cyber Crimes Unit was able to trace a 39-year-old Corfu man

21 Dec 2017 / 09:27
Corfu: Payments by card for fake match forecasts

CORFU. A 24-year-old Albanian in Sidari charged people for online forecasts of football results, using a fake social media profile and receiving pre-payment by bank cards.

18 Dec 2017 / 17:34
Charges brought against 40-year-old Corfu man for internet child pornography

CORFU. Police online investigations revealed that the electronic traces led to a home internet connection in Corfu.