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25 Aug 2023 / 11:45
Old Perithia businesses hit by wildfire requesting support

CORFU. On the initiative of board member Vassilis Vassilakis, the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (GSEVEE) has sent a letter.

25 Jul 2023 / 21:11
Firefighters and volunteers win a first battle

CORFU. Latest update on Corfu wildfires (20:30).

25 Jul 2023 / 19:57
Latest update on fire fronts in Corfu (19:30)

CORFU. The three firefighting aircraft that arrived in Corfu in the afternoon are supporting the battle to contain the fire with water drops.

25 Jul 2022 / 16:55
Perithia ΄Philippos Vlachos΄ Union - Varkarola

CORFU. Sunday 7 August at 21:00 in Agios Spyridonas, Perithia.

30 Jan 2022 / 15:29
Car fuelled by autogas completely burnt out near Perithia

CORFU. A car burst into flames near Perithis in North Corfu.

28 Jan 2021 / 10:18
New 4-star hotel property in Corfu

CORFU. The new investment from Thomas Rokas A.E. will be located in Agios Spyridonas, Perithia.

12 Sep 2020 / 19:06
Perithia Union collecting basic necessities for migrant camp in Moria, Lesvos

CORFU. Perithia ΄Philipos Vlachos΄ Union hall will be open on Sunday 13 and Monday 14 September 10:00 - 12:00 for those who wish to come and donate goods.

05 Sep 2020 / 12:17
Perithia fire brought completely under control early this morning

CORFU. Firefighters and volunteers fought the fire in Portes, Perithia for several hours before it was completely extinguished early this morning.

05 Sep 2020 / 08:02
Fire in Perithia last night

CORFU. Fire broke out in Portes Vasilika in Perithia at around 8pm on Friday night.

07 May 2020 / 11:03
΄Whirlwind΄ of imbecility hits Perithia Green Spot

CORFU. Volunteers at Perithia Green Spot couldn΄t believe their eyes!

09 Apr 2020 / 07:32
Perithia ΄Philipos Vlachos΄ Union donates 100 face masks to North Corfu Municipality

CORFU. The organisation donated 100 masks to the Municipal Health Services "understanding the need to be protected against coronavirus".

15 Feb 2020 / 00:00
First Aid lessons for the public from Perithia ΄Philipos Vlachos΄ Union

CORFU. Perithia ΄Philipos Vlachos΄ Union is organising internationally recognised First Aid lessons with certificates.

11 Jan 2020 / 09:17
House fire in Perithia this morning

CORFU. Firefighters were able to extinguish it quickly before it had the chance to spread.

04 Jan 2020 / 00:00
Perithia ΄Philipos Vlachos΄ Society New Year Cake

CORFU. Perithia ΄Philipos Vlachos΄ Society will be cutting its New Year Cake on Saturday 4 January.

23 Dec 2019 / 09:03
Green Spot in Perithia - another four preparing to open in North Corfu

CORFU. The Perithia-Loutses Green Spot in North Corfu is to reopen following a meeting in the area.

15 Dec 2019 / 00:00
Perithia the next stop in the North Corfu recycling campaign

CORFU. The volunteer recycling group in Perithia is organising a recycling meeting at Hari΄s Taverna on Sunday 15 December.

18 Oct 2019 / 00:00
3-day equestrian event at Arena Horse Riding Corfu

CORFU. Arena Horse Riding Corfu is organising an equestrian event 18 - 20 October.

22 Sep 2019 / 00:00
World Cleanup Day in Perithia

CORFU. Over 150 countries will be taking part in World Cleanup Day on 21 September.