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Old Fortress

11 Apr 2022 / 15:57
"From the Crucifixion to the Resurrection" at the Old Fortress on Holy Tuesday

CORFU. Tuesday 19 April at 21:00 at St. George΄s Church, Old Fortress.

28 Mar 2022 / 17:47
Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas: Fire safety, accessibility and support works in Corfu monuments

CORFU. The Inspectorate of Antiquities Director Tenia Rigakou updated Corfu ND MP Stefanos Gikas on the implementation of the programmes approved.

26 Nov 2021 / 11:11
Old Fortress cross lit up in orange against domestic violence

CORFU. An initiative from Corfu Soroptimists.

12 Oct 2021 / 21:50
Corfu MP Stefanos Gikas: €30,000 emergency funding for the Old Fortress

ATHENS. The funding concerns the preparation of a study for the stabilisation of the rocky slopes in the southeastern part of the Old Fortress.

16 Aug 2021 / 13:39
“Kerkyraion Istoria” video tribute for 1821 Revolution exhibition at Latin Chapel

CORFU. The exhibition dedicated to the 1821 Revolution by the Corfu Inspectorate of Antiquities at the Latin Chapel in the Old Fortress is still open.

09 Aug 2021 / 22:48
Police arrest Ministry of Culture officials at Old Fortress

Police closed the entrance to the Old Fortress. Some stayed inside and others outside. Trouble with the theatrical performance, the access to the Sailing Club and the businesses.

30 Jul 2021 / 11:48
Culture Minister: Special needs access at Corfu Old Fortress

CORFU. Access for those with special needs in selected parts of Corfu Old Fortress and Old Town.

29 Jul 2021 / 12:09
“1821/2021 Contemporary Greek Art” exhibition at Latin Chapel

CORFU. Opening on Tuesday, 3 August at 20:00, at the Latin Chapel in the Old Fortress.

18 Jul 2021 / 14:48
Man pulled out of sea dead near Old Fortress

CORFU. The body was spotted by nearby boats and the police and Coastguard were called.

30 Apr 2021 / 17:31
Corfu Events Organisation (OKE) - Epitaphios at Church of St.George, Old Fortress

CORFU. The procession was held outside the church.

13 Apr 2021 / 16:56
International media in Corfu following death of Prince Philip

CORFU. The international media are in Corfu to photograph and film Mon Repos Palace and the Church of St. George at the Old Fortress as well as collect and broadcast historical material.

02 Nov 2020 / 12:01
Clean-up at the Old Fortress - bulky waste from Public Library removed

CORFU. The bulky waste left after the improvement work to the National Archives Centre and the Public Library was removed.

24 Oct 2020 / 15:02
Wreaths laid at the Holocaust Memorial and Jewish Museum exhibition opens

CORFU. The German Ambassador attended the wreath laying at the Holocaust Memorial on Saturday 24th - The Greek Jewish Museum exhibition opened at the Old Fortress.

03 Aug 2020 / 14:48
Casta Diva concert tonight at Old Fortress

CORFU. The Casta Diva concert, in tribute to Barbara Gavakou, takes place at the Old Fortress on Monday 3 August at 21:30.

29 Jun 2020 / 15:01
Tourist Information Kiosks reopening in San Rocco and Old Fortress

CORFU. Central Corfu Municipal Tourism Department is reopening the kiosks and will also be providing visitor information using other modern methods.

18 Jun 2020 / 15:55
Replacement of old wooden bridge in Contra Fossa

CORFU. Corfu Inspectorate of Antiquities is replacing the small bridge in Contra Fossa.

01 Jun 2020 / 12:50
Corfu hotel employees protest in Old Fortress

CORFU. Following their convoys with cars and motorcycles hotel and catering union protestors marched on foot to the Old Fortress.

10 Jan 2020 / 14:25
Work has begun on cleaning Old Fortress walls

CORFU. Following the cleaning work at the New Fortress work has now begun at the Old Fortress.