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Corfu International Festival: Party All Night Long at Old Fortress

Corfu International Festival
22 Sep 2022 / 21:03

CORFU. Soul funk, punk, indie rock, folk and pop music, as well as a fun DJ set - 24 September at 21:00 - €10

A fun party has been set up as part of the Corfu International Festival on Saturday 24 September with favorite music genres at the Old Fortress. Soul funk, punk, indie rock, folk and pop music, as well as a fun DJ set, make up the ultimate musical mix for all tastes. A dynamic lineup that promises a night full of excitement!
Amalia & The Architects
The evening will start with a live performance with indie rock, folk and pop music. A sound that is familiar but at the same time unique through the prism and the special timbre of the singer and songwriter, who stood out with her last two singles, "Save our Heads" and "Love is in My Room", and who is expected to present her full-length album soon.
Guitar/Singing: Amalia Mouhtaridi
Electric Guitar/Vocals: Odysseas Tziritas
Drums: Yiannis Papanikolaou
Bass: Yiannis Yiannopoulos
Keyboards: Irene Tsakiroglou
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Useful links:
YouTube: Love is in My Room (Official Video) | Save our Heads (Official Video)
The revelation of our country's soul funk music promises a highly rhythmic and uplifting live show! A setlist of her favorite songs that she covers in her own unique way. Idra, with her multi-dimensional voice and dynamic stage presence, takes us off our feet and invites us to dance all night! Are you ready?
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Music Videos:
Flyin' High
Don't Stop The Music
''The Church Sessions'' by Pepper 966: Idra Kayne - "Don't let me go"
How about a trip back in time, to the 70's in a British underground stage? That's exactly what's going to happen at this particular live performance! The Greek-British singer and songwriter D3lta, who introduced himself to us with his songs "Hypocrites", "Hey you" and the hit single "Strange", takes the stage and through a one-of-a-kind performance he composes an explosive rock blend with an effortless authenticity that will get everyone on their feet!
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Music Videos:
Strange (Official Music Video)
Nikko Patrelakis - "World Electronica"
The event will end with Nikko Patrelakis! The DJ will take to the decks and captivate the audience with an uplifting electronic music DJ set! Are you ready to party?
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Amalia & the Architects
Idra Kayne
Nikko Patrelakis - "World Electronica"
24 September
Old Fortress
Ticket price: €10 - Free for people with special needs
Pre-sale at, Ticket Box and at the Old Fortress entrance.