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Old Fortress cross lit up in a different way

Andreas Trifonas
21 Apr 2022 / 20:39

By Andreas Trifonas

The Old Fortress cross is one of the most significant parts of the Corfu Old Fortress and the Old Town.
The cross, which dates back to the early years of the 20th century, was used to solve practical and technical issues of the time, as it was a natural lightning rod, while later it was used as a means of communicating with the ships.
In the past decades, the cross was being lit up for the Holy Week and the Resurrection. The lamps wrapped around the cross would be lit up in purple - the colour of mourning - in order to match with the feelings of decency and devotion of the religious events. Following the Resurrection it would be lit up in white light.
When, for technical reasons, it was not possible for the cross to be lit up, we felt obliged as citizens to offer our knowledge and equipment to bring back this custom.
Lit up with the use of laser spot lights, provided by the EPTA Arts Centre, the cross looks like it is floating above the Old Fortress, looking beautiful both to the naked eye and to the camera.
The colours are the same and so is the love for what they mean.
Happy Resurrection Day!    
Andreas Trifonas
Theatre Lighting Technician