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Ambulance Service

11 Jan 2024 / 17:32
New North Corfu EKAB base to be created in Acharavi

CORFU. North Corfu Mayor: "The Municipality will buy a new fully equipped ambulance for the new EKAB base".

04 Jan 2024 / 12:58
Ambulance Service base in North Corfu at last!

CORFU. The recruitment of eight personnel for the new branch has been announced through ASEP (Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection).

20 Jun 2023 / 18:31
Ambulance Service staff furious with Aggelos Spyrou΄s statements

CORFU. "If you want to become an MP Mr. Spyrou, you have to work with zeal to save the National Health System and the EKAB and stop the dealings with private individuals".

30 Mar 2023 / 13:00
North Corfu Municipal Council decides unanimously to withdraw from inter-municipal public water company (DIADEYAK)

CORFU. There was also a unanimous decision to set up a North Corfu Ambulance Service (EKAB) base in North Corfu on the condition that it is fully staffed.

29 Mar 2023 / 19:58
Project to repair Corfu EKAB building put out to tender at last

CORFU. The works concern exclusively the repair of damage to protect the building and the employees.

21 Mar 2023 / 01:13
Two applicants submit bids in tender for 18 ambulances

CORFU. Unlike the previous tender which was unsuccessful, this time two bids were submitted.

07 Feb 2023 / 13:22
What EKAB says about cardiac arrest incident in North Corfu

CORFFU. Reactions and questions raised about the handling of the incident by a private ambulance.

28 Jan 2023 / 09:29
Invitation for tenders for 18 ambulances for Ionian Islands goes out at last

CORFU. The deadline is 3 March 2023.

23 Jan 2023 / 15:08
Patients transferred from Corfu by ambulance and Coastguard

CORFU. A total of five patients were transferred from Corfu in two days by ambulance and by the Coastguard.

15 Jan 2023 / 10:40
Injured footballer taken to Health Centre in farm trailer!

CORFU. No ambulances were available in South Corfu and the footballer had to be taken to the Health Centre in a farm trailer.

14 Jan 2023 / 11:42
Ordeal for young patient, 13, to get to Athens Children΄s Hospital

CORFU. The local Ekkinisi party condemns the hours-long delay in transferring the young boy, whose life was in danger, to the Athens hospital.

21 Dec 2022 / 14:58
Ambulance Service Union donates food to orphanage, community shop and food kitchen

CORFU. They wished everyone a new year full of love, health and prosperity.

14 Dec 2022 / 10:34
Patients on small islands at mercy of weather conditions

CORFU. The death of the 75-year-old Paxos woman has highlighted once again the problems faced by those living on small islands.

20 Oct 2022 / 15:57
Trade Association: The donated ambulance should stay in Corfu

CORFU. The Association is demanding that all the MPs in the region, the regional and local authorities and all other bodies take a stand.

19 Oct 2022 / 16:08
Civil Aviation Authority donates ambulance to Ambulance Service - but will it stay in Corfu?

CORFU. Corfu Ambulance Service (EKAB) Employees Union is asking for support from MPs so that the ambulance doesn΄t leave the island.

13 Oct 2022 / 11:57
Ambulance Service seminars on use of defibrillators

CORFU. 30 secondary school teachers attended a seminar by the Ambulance Service (EKAB) on how to use defibrillators.

06 Oct 2022 / 12:07
Large number of Corfu patients have to be taken to mainland for treatment

CORFU. There were over 300 transfers from Corfu Hospital to other hospitals in 2021.