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Fire Department: Take care when burning cut grass and branches!

Fire Department
09 Apr 2024 / 14:36

CORFU. Recently, there have been several forest and farmland fires, mainly during the burning of vegetation and crop waste materials.

As part of its ongoing public information programme aiming to eliminate risks, primarily for the protection of human life, property, and the natural environment, through reducing the occurrence of wildfires and limiting burned areas, the Ionian Islands Regional Fire Department has issued the following statement:

Recently, there have been several forest and farmland fires, mainly during the burning of vegetation and crop waste materials.

We request the public to take all necessary measures and fire protection means, as provided in the Fire Order No. 9/2021 "Determination of measures for the prevention and avoidance of wildfires in forest, agricultural areas, and residential areas", regarding actions, activities, and work in rural areas, concerning ignition, maintenance, and use of fire, execution of work involving heat, use of devices causing sparks, use of pyrotechnic articles or flares, placement, storage, disposal, or abandonment of flammable materials or substances, waste, bulky objects, other combustible materials, etc.


Extensive inspections and patrols are already being conducted to verify compliance with the specific measures. In case of non-compliance with the above provision, sanctions are provided for according to Fire Order No. 19/2020 "Procedure for imposing administrative fines for violations of regulatory provisions of fire protection legislation."

Additionally, according to Fire Order No. 20/2023, preventive fire protection measures are defined for residential and other uncovered areas located in areas within approved zoning plans, within community boundaries without an approved zoning plan, in areas within a radius of 100 metres from the boundaries of the aforementioned areas, as well as in fields outside the plan with buildings.

The clearing process includes:

  • Cutting and removal of dry and broken trees and branches, as well as branches in direct contact with buildings.

  • Removal of flammable vegetation on the surface of the ground, such as leaf litter, dry grass, and fallen dry branches.

  • Pruning the base of tree crowns and increasing the height of their starting point from the ground, depending on the age and type of tree.

  • Thinning of shrubby vegetation to reduce ground cover.

  • Removal of any other abandoned combustible, inflammable, explosive, or flammable materials, objects, and debris.

  • Safe collection and transportation of all cleaning waste.



We would like to point out that, especially for burning vegetation and crop waste, until April 30, the public should contact the local Fire Services to be informed about prevailing weather conditions and for further information.

In any case, all necessary fire protection measures must be followed. We stress that faithful adherence to the above is essential for the safety and protection of all!


Ionian Islands Regional Fire Department