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Number of road accidents in Ionian Islands in December

road accidents
16 Jan 2024 / 17:23

CORFU. Data for road accidents and driving offences in December.

The Ionian Islands Police has issued the number of road accidents and driving offences for December.

Road accidents

There were seven road accidents in Corfu, Lefkada, Cephalonia and Zakynthos in December compared to six in the corresponding month in 2022.

- One fatal accident compared to two in 2022

- One accident with a serious injury compared to two in 2022

- Five accidents with minor injuries compared to two in 2022

There was a total of eight deaths and inuries:

- 1 death compared to 3 in 2022

- 1 serious injury compared to 2 in 2022

- 6 minor inuries compared to 3 in 2022

Police data indicates that the main reasons for road accidents are the following:

- Driver is distracted
- Violation of right of way
- Not keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front
- Speeding
- Running red lights
- Driving on the wrong side of the road

Police checks

There was a total of 2,122 driving offences in December 2023 including the following:

- 43 driving under the influence
- 256 speeding
- 166 not wearing crash helmet
- 99 not wearing seat belts
- 46 using mobile phone whilst driving
- 47 driving on wrong side of road
- 7 running a red light
- 4 for dangerous driving
- 126 without driving licences

- 38 with uninsured vehicles

- 82 without MOT

There were 34 offences of parking illegally in spots reserved for those with special needs.

There were 47 arrests - 41 for driving without a licence and 6 for driving under the influence.


Photo: Enimerosi archive